Welcome To ApprenticeDeveloper: Where To Start

Welcome developer

Apprentice or not it doesn’t matter. This blog is more of a software developer‘s journal. If you are young and starting out like me, you can join me through the steep learning curve of our profession. If you are a more experienced developer, feel free to share your knowledge with us and give your advice.

General Content

In this blog, you will find tutorials, tips, and news about software development. The technologies, programming languages, and frameworks that are presented here will derive from my journey as a software developer.


My primary purpose for creating this blog is to develop my programming skills, consistently share with young developers the things that I learn and also getting feedback and tips from experienced programmers.

Main Focus

Although I cannot predict the future, judging from where I stand now, the following posts will focus on Object-Oriented Programming, Java, Web Applications and general tips that I find useful.

Starting off, I will present a series of the most common Design Patterns in Object-Oriented Programming.

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